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Lawyer on the weekdays                           Runner on the weekends

I’ve been a corporate lawyer since late 2006 and a runner since 1996.

As a corporate lawyer my role is to provide the legal foundation for business operations.  I oversee contracts, compliance, and legal aspects of human resource matters.

I am licensed to practice in New York, Connecticut (revocably retired), and Alabama. You can learn more about what I do by going here btn_viewmy_160x33.

I also distance run and ran 12 half marathons in 2016, along with a full marathon in 2014.

This blog was originally created partially because I wanted to share some of what I’ve learned in my job to help educate other technology companies and also to blog about running.

And so, the idea for this blog was born.  Lawyering and distance running have one thing in common: in the end both are about preparing for the long run.  Working through a contract involves laying the groundwork for years of future transactions under that document. You can’t wake up one morning and decide to run a half that day without having trained properly in advance, you’ll either run out of gas and stop or worse yet end up injured.  Nor can you enter into a contract without first having thoroughly thought through and laid out the rules on what each party expects of the other.  Fail to do that and you’re practically guaranteed a misunderstanding between the parties down the road.

The name of this blog, The Long Distance Lawyer, came almost entirely out of that theme.  Whether you’re writing a contract or preparing for a race you’re getting ready for a long journey, either in years or miles.  I also really am a long distance lawyer, in that the company I work for is headquartered in Alabama but I live in New York.  I travel back to Alabama to conduct compliance training and as otherwise needed.

Over time the content has shifted to focus more on running and travel than on lawyering, though I do write about legal topics from time to time. I write about these topics generally, but to be clear this publication is NOT individual advice and I do not undertake to give individual advice. Please read the Disclaimer linked below.

I welcome questions and comments on anything I write, though before posting a question on a legal topic be sure to read the Disclaimer.  You can contact me by emailing to michelle@km6g.us .

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