Racing for Kyla at the NYC Marathon

My friend Susan is also running her first ever marathon late this year. She is running the NYC marathon in November 2014.

But her race is personal.  Susan is running for a cure.  In Susan’s words,

“Why am I running the New York City Marathon? And why am I running for Kyla Tillem?”

“Kyla was one of the bravest people I knew. She was diagnosed with pediatric cancer as a teen and passed away soon thereafter. But she went the distance and fought it the whole way with strength and grace. If Kyla could face a marathon of treatment, I can face a marathon race. I will win my race. Kyla was not so fortunate. Her fear was that she would not be remembered. I doubt that will ever be the case. She struck a chord with everyone she met. She was that special. And dedicating this race to her is one way to remember her. Supporting research to fight the disease that took her is another. Please join me in whatever monetary amount you can pledge to remember Kyla and help eradicate childhood cancer.”

Susan’s goal is $6,000.00. All contributions go toward cancer research at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center.

Here is what makes this different than some fund raising requests you see. Susan is as determined as Kyla was brave. That 6K goal is GUARANTEED to be met. Whatever the difference is by the November 2014 deadline in what is raised and the $6,000 commitment will be donated by Susan. 

Susan is going to be blogging about her journey to prepare for the marathon and fund raising efforts!  Her blog can be found here  .

If you are a runner, if you know someone impacted by cancer, or if you just want to make a difference consider being as determined as Susan and pledge an amount at the Racing for Kyla page (click on Fred’s Team and in the Participant field search for Susan Joseph) or get the word out by sharing the Racing for Kyla page, this blog or, Susan’s Blog .

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