Cats Do Not Belong: The Series

Last night I realized I had enough photos of my cats in places they do not belong that I ought to do a picture blog.  Here is the series, Cats Do Not Belong.

All photos, with the exception of an obvious one, are random places and positions I found our cats in.

Cats do not belong on top of doors.  I was on a work conference call yesterday, looked up, and there was the cat staring down at me from atop the door.  Another cat was laying at the foot of the door looking up.  I had my finger hovering at the ready above the mute button just in case there was an explosion.  Thankfully, no cat explosion occurred.

On Top of Door


Cats do not belong climbing up the screen door.  This cat is a ninja.

Screen Spider Cat


Cats do not belong in wet paint and they certainly don’t belong walking through the house after they’ve just walked through wet paint. Paint paw prints were in the hallway and the stairwell.


Did I do that? Yes, I did.



Cats do not belong in the towel closet. The gray lump on the bottom shelf is a cat. She’d pawed open the towel closet from the shelf on the right and climbed in.

Towel Closet

in closet

Cats do not belong in the basket of wash cloths either.  Sometimes I wake up grumpy. Sometimes I let her sleep.  Clearly, I should have let her sleep.



Cats do not belong in the dishwasher.  There are so many questions in this photo. I have no answers.



Cats do not belong crouched in the sink.  I am a tiger. This is my jungle.  Even if you can see my eyeballs peering over the edge of the sink.



Cats do not belong perched on my shoulder. Such a micro manager.  I can’t get anything done with her always looking over my shoulder.



Cats totally belong in pink wigs. I had time to kill before Kevin got home, a pink wig, and a cat.  What else was I going to do? Yes, this is the one that was staged if you’ve been looking for that photo. I didn’t just walk in on Dexter in the wig.



Cats do not belong perched on top of my monitor. I had to clip out the monitor because I had a document up, but the width of the monitor is not very big. Look at her balancing skills.  She must do yoga.

Top of Monitor


Cats do not belong perched on the back of dining room chairs either.  To her credit, there was stuff on the seat of the chair so I guess this was her next best option.

on chair


Cats do not belong in desk drawers.  Sticky notes, pencils, stapler, cat.

Desk Drawer


Cats do not belong in the walls.  Sure, you could put a knick knack in that spot. Or you could put a cat there.

In the Wall



    1. I had a bunch of photos of the cats and a bunch of photos of my feet. It was either Places Cats Don’t Belong: The Series or Runner Foot Issues: The Series !

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