FCC Boot Camp: Demystifying the FCC’s Role in Privacy and Security Matters

The American Conference Institute is hosting an FCC Boot Camp in San Francisco this summer.  The purpose of the boot camp is to provide business people, policy analysts, and attorneys a very basic understanding of FCC law and regulations as they apply in the telecommunications field.

I’ll be co-presenting on topics near and dear to my heart, privacy and security regulations. I’ve blogged before about CPNI regulations and I’m particularly looking forward to helping break down what those regulations mean live and in person.

The specifics of what I’ll be co-presenting on are:

Differences between FCC, FTC and State AG jurisdiction over privacy.

Scope (and continuing expansion) of FCC authority over new technologies.

Key FCC-specific privacy laws

Customer Proprietary Network Information (CPNI)

Communications Law Enforcement Act (CALEA)

The Cable Privacy Act

The Telephone Consumer Protection Act

The FCC’s evolving role in privacy compliance

Recent FCC enforcement activity

Implications for transaction approval

Interplay with national security

Implications of net neutrality decision on privacy compliance

The full agenda, dates, and location are available at the link below.  

FCC Boot Camp

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